Scour Protection Solutions

From the devastating effect of coastal wave and tidal action to the insidious scour of fast flowing water courses and rivers, water is a powerful master. CML have a strong history and proven track record for developing effective and sustainable solutions where water and construction meet.

CML has over 30 years of experience working within the marine environment and can draw on specialist expertise which is second to none in the industry.
We understand the unique challenges of the marine environment and work tirelessly to provide environmentally and economically sound solutions, utilising carefully selected materials and specialist plant adapted for marine works.

Contract experience in the marine and waterside environment includes:

  • Flood alleviation and river works
  • Coastal defences and river flood protection
  • Culverts and outfalls
  • Beach / dune protection
  • Lake construction
  • River channel realignment / fish pass construction
  • Scour and erosion protection works
  • Wetland / backwater creation
  • Riverbank stabilisation and protection
  • Bridge abutment and pier protection
  • Marine structures / jetties / slipways
  • Reservoirs / lagoons / canals / aqueducts