Drainage Services

Employing the latest JetVac recycling tankers, with in-tank filtration technology our recycler tankers re-use the jetting water which significantly reduces water consumption. This reduces the impact on the environment, and also reduces the time consuming journeys for the tankers to re-fill with water. Combined with an off-road tracked jetting reel, the JetVac operation can access the most remote of site locations.

Our 4×4 CCTV survey units are fully equipped with state of the art iBOS MainLine crawler rigs and push-rod CCTV systems, with the ability to inspect pipes and culverts ranging from 100mm in diameter to 2 metres and beyond. For difficult locations, the crawler rigs can be operated from a portable control unit, and all our teams are confined space trained further increasing the range and accessibility of our services. The vans are installed with the latest WinCan VX reporting software, operated by our OS19X and OS21X qualified surveying teams to produce comprehensive survey reports.

To complete the process, we have put some of our most experienced drainage operatives and managers through the Rail Structures Examination training to STE2 & STE4 competency. Our examiners are working alongside our existing in-house culvert clearance and survey team, who are on hand to supervise the cleaning operation and produce the examination reports as the culverts are being surveyed. With an excellent level of site experience from their previous roles, our examiners are perfectly placed to help reduce the risk of damage or collapse during jetting operations, which is often an underestimated risk when cleaning out Victorian structures on the network.

To compliment the survey and examination process, we have vast experience of design and construction in the civils and drainage market. With a significant proportion of in-house staff and plant, we undertake both new build and repairs to existing systems including undertrack crossings, trackside drainage, trenchless techniques and UV/GRP lining systems.