Wood Street Station Car Park, Middlesbrough

Work undertaken

Brief Description

Wood Street Station Car Park is located immediately to the east of Middlesbrough Railway Station. The permanent closure of another nearby Station Car Park on Zetland Road due to age related structural issues resulted in increased use of the car park on Wood Street.

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Overview of the work completed

Comprising mostly compacted fill, numerous pot holes and surface breakdown, the existing car park presented an increased risk to users from tripping hazards.  The remit was to provide a new durable carpark surface to current highways standards, including associated car park line marking and appropriate signage. The scheme required a new sustainable drainage system, including an attenuation tank complete with oil interceptor and controlled outflow system, along with repairs to the adjacent retaining wall on Wood Street. New street lighting was incorporated into the car park, along with a CCTV system and ticket machines. A new power supply was installed to service the new streetlighting scheme and a nearby redundant S&T building was also demolished to generate additional space for the car park.

A new shallow gradient ramp linking the car park with the station platform was also constructed, supported by a retaining wall structure. Verges were furnished with bark chippings to provide a low maintenance and aesthetically pleasing finish.  

  • Car Park designed and constructed to meet ‘Park Mark’ accreditation requirements.
  • Provision of 91 standard and 6 accessible parking spaces
  • Provision of spaces for motor cycle and cycle parking at the north end of the car park
  • Decommissioning and demolition of a single story building housing S&T equipment
  • Installation of 160m³ capacity attenuation tank with oil interceptor and flow control system, connected to drainage system of car park
  • 2400m² of surfacing comprising bituminous macadam; 30mm thick wearing course, 60mm thick base course and 100mm thick road base laid over compacted Type 1 sub-base
  • Repairs to the existing retaining wall along Wood Street
  • Upgrading of street lighting CCTV system to suit new layout.
  • Relocation of existing ticket machines
  • New palisade fencing to the boundary, and soft landscaping
  • Installation of ramp from car park to station platform, including fencing and retaining structure