Underbridge 30, NYMR

Work undertaken

Brief Description

CML were contracted by North Yorkshire Moors Railway (NYMR), to undertake the reconstruction of ‘Scales Bridge’ at Darnholme, Nth Yorkshire. NYMR is a heritage railway operating from Whitby to Pickering.

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Overview of the work completed

This was a particularly challenging underbridge reconstruction due to the extremely restricted access to the site. The bridge is located in the bottom of a steep sided valley, with access at the toe restricted by the river, and only a narrow single track lane leading down to the site, unsuitable for heavy goods vehicles.  The reconstruction also took place during a particularly cold winter, with over 6 inches of snow on the ground during the critical works. 

  • A cantilevered scaffold was attached to bridge pier of the existing structure, accessed via a “bridged” scaffold to the opposite pier. Walkways were also extended around the piers to gain access from above for the use of site personnel. 
  • Removal of the existing cast iron and steel bridge deck. This was lifted out in five sections by a 125ton Kirow rail mounted crane and taken clear of the site to be cut up for loading on to rail wagons for recycling.
  • Reduce level excavation and cast new insitu concrete impost bases.
  • The new steel bridge beams were then craned in using the Kirow crane. 
  • Pre-cast concrete deck units installed on to the new bridge beams.
  • Water proofing to bridge deck.
  • Install new hand rail and safe access system. 
  • Existing stonework was then reduced as indicated above to accommodate the new reduced width bridge deck which was “sunk” into the stonework and situated on a concrete pad on either abutment. Stonework was then suitably reinstated.
  • The track superstructure was then reinstated over the new structure.