Gainsborough Central Station Footbridge

Work undertaken

Brief Description

MAC3/218A Gainsborough Central Station Footbridge is a single span structure at Gainsborough Central Railway Station. It crosses the Cleethorpes to Nunnery Main Line Junction via Retford Railway line at mileage 74m 0880yds and facilitates a pedestrian route across the railway linking the two platforms.

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Overview of the work completed

An assessment of the capacity of the footbridge carried out by Network Rail determined that the footbridge was in poor condition, and that is was not capable of carrying the required load under current standards.

Significant and costly repairs would have been required to retain the existing structure, therefore it was determined that the best value option would be to reconstruct the footbridge.

The old footbridge was required to remain in service until the new one was completed, therefore the new footbridge was designed in a ‘Z’ layout to avoid obstructing the existing footbridge during construction. A desire by Network Rail to move away from Train Operating Company colours lead to the footbridge being painted in LNER Heritage colours.

Projects of this nature require compassionate interfaces with the general public using the station, local residents affected by the works and the Local Council for handling land purchase negotiations.  The old footbridge was donated to Wensleydale Heritage Railway for repair and re-use on its railway. 

  • Careful dismantling of the existing steel bridge, and removal off site for use on the Wensleydale Heritage Railway.
  • Careful dismantling and re-building of station waiting shelters
  • Excavate 6No Column Bases, and construct Rebar cages & Concrete
  • Fabricate and Install 6No Columns
  • Fabricate and Install new Stairs & Bridge Deck
  • Erect new ‘Palisade Fencing’
  • Reconstruct dwarf retaining wall to Down Line platform
  • Provide new electric supply routes to relocated lighting columns adjacent to new footbridge
  • Small areas of Tarmac- Footpath reinstatement


Good working relationships established with the Local Authority, assisting negotiations for land purchase and compound rental, as well as accommodating the weekly market adjacent to the site by restricting deliveries on those days the market was held.

Positive response received from the local community during and after completion of the works.