Duckcote Lane Footbridge

Work undertaken

Brief Description

LBE1/19A is a single span simply supported footbridge carrying a footpath over the Leeds Bradford railway, contracted to CML for re-construction.

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Overview of the work completed

LBE1/19A is a single span simply supported footbridge carrying a footpath over the Up and Down Mains of the Leeds – Bradford Lines.  The bridge is located approximately 500 metres East of the Bramley station, accessed via 2 footpaths from the North and South. It provides important access to Bramley Station for local residents.

Once temporary diversions were in place, the in-house CML team took on the demolition work to remove the over-burden from the structure, and prepare the deck ready to be cut and removed during night time possession works.  

The scope of works included:

  • Install diversionary route for cyclists/pedestrians

  • Removal of the Bridge deck Infill

  • Temporary diversion (via UTX) of the existing BT cables running across the bridge

  • Dismantling of the Bridge Deck, and removal off site

  • Prepare existing abutments, Install new Cill units

  • Install new ‘Bridge Deck’ unit

  • Install deck drainage and outfall / down pipes

  • Re-grade footpath approaches



  • Good relationship with local residents, kept informed throughout the project

  • Good working relationship with BT to facilitate the cable diversion on programme

  • All demolition works were successfully completed using in-house resources, with specialist works being undertaken by Baldwin Cranes and Carver Engineering to complete the removal of the old structure and installation of the new bridge.  

  • 2 new Cill Beams and the new bridge unit all completed within a single 7hr Possession

  • Good feedback from the Client team (Network Rail) who were in attendance during the dismantling & installation possessions

This was a challenging project located in the middle of a residential area, which was successfully delivered, safely, on programme and with minimal disruption to the local community.